International Tennis Hall of Fame Presented with a Taonga Whakairo (carving) from Tennis NZ and Aotearoa Māori Tennis Assoc.

Receiving the taonga, Kim Clijsters (former World No1 & Vice President of ITHF) Chief Sachem (Narragansett Indian Tribe)

JULY 21, 2023, NEWPORT, R.I, U.S.A., – The International Tennis Hall of Fame (ITHF) was presented with a traditional Māori Taonga Whakairo by Tennis New Zealand and Aotearoa Māori Tennis Association today at the Infosys Hall of Fame Open.

The carving, honoring a gathering of cultures and tennis, was presented to ITHF in recognition and gratitude for providing a neutral venue for New Zealand’s Davis Cup tie in September 2021. The ITHF served as host for the tie between New Zealand and the Republic of Korea, due to Covid travel restrictions in New Zealand at the time.

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