Throughout the history of Māori tennis, trophies have been allocated for various tournaments and individual events, either by koha, sponsorship or purchased by the association.

Dates cannot be ascertained for many of the trophies and we have added them to the list in the order in which we think they were presented.

In addition to the many trophies provided for the Māori Championships, many rohe had their own trophies for local competitions.


Marumaru Cup

Named after Whanganui kaumātua, Taraua Marumaru, its history is outlined below:

During the Easter weekend of 1907, many tennis players from throughout NZ gathered in Whanganui to compete for the Taraua Marumaru Cup. At that time it was stipulated that it was to be played amongst Te Tai Hauauru tribes only.

The Marumaru Cup gave focus and impetus to Māori tennis. In 1910 Heretaunga was invited to take part in the competition which was held in Palmerston North. Heretaunga walked away with the trophy at their first attempt in this competition. Paraire Tomoana and Mere Houkamau Stainton was the men’s and women’s champions, winning the singles, doubles and mixed. Wanganui played Heretaunga the following year (1911) and took back the trophy.

Results for the intervening years, 1912 to 1920, have been difficult to locate.

In 1921 Wanganui came to Heretaunga. This time, the match was drawn with the holders retaining the cup. Argument has it that there should have been a count up of games in order to properly determine a winner. However, kua hoki atu ra te kapu ki Wanganui.

By 1922, the Marumaru Cup Competition had evolved into a fully-fledged inter-rohe tournament. All teams converged on Wanganui. Hastings had seven teams. Wanganui and Taihape each had six teams. Ngāti Raukawa, Taumarunui and Taranaki had one team each.

Four teams from Hastings made it to the finals, while only one from Wanganui was a finalist. However, because of lack of time due to the poor weather, only the number ones from Hawkes Bay and Wanganui played. Hawkes Bay won 5 – 1, but with the points allocation system, kua waiho ki Wanganui te kapu!

Moving on to 1926, we discover that the tournament for the Marumaru Cup was held from 2 to 8 April. Ten teams, one from each of the following rohe participated: Whanganui, Tamatea, Takitimu, Te Arawa, Horouta, Tongariro, Ngāti Whātua, Kurahaupo, Taranaki and Waikato.

At this time, this was the biggest tournament to be held in Rotorua, indeed one of the biggest tournaments ever to be held in New Zealand.

The total entries of 684 were made up of: Championship Events 306, Handicap Events 306, Marumaru Cup 72.

One significant event occurred during the competition, one of which still impacts on us today. That event was the formalisation of the competition by Sir Apirana Ngata as the New Zealand Māori Lawn Tennis Association.
Over the years it was necessary to make adjustments to the format of the Marumaru Cup Competition.

What started out in 1907 as a trophy for the Te Tai Hauauru tribal competition, expanded to an inter-rohe competition in 1910 with the participation of Heretaunga. Over the years, other rohe were invited to participate to the extent that it became a national Māori competition.

The Marumaru Cup continued to be part of the annual Māori Tennis Championships.

In the 1950’s the Cup was competed for as a points trophy and sadly the whereabouts of the Marumaru Cup remain a mystery.

Te Arawa Challenge Trophy

Te Arawa Challenge Trophy

Te Arawa Challenge Trophy

In 1926 Te Arawa carvers were commissioned to produce a trophy for the Senior Mixed Doubles Competition at the first official Māori Tennis Championships.


The Kahungunu Shield

This trophy was implemented by Sir Turi Carroll after the Second Word War for the Māori Championships. Rangi Paku said, “It became lost in the Gisborne area. It was hunted down and brought back to Wairoa. The wording on the trophy was changed so that it became a trophy for the A Grade Wairoa Club Competition.


P&M Jones Brothers Cups

At the 1950 AGM it was announced that two cups had been donated by Pei Te Hurinui and Michael Jones for Ladies Doubles and Combined Doubles.

Wattie McKay Memorial Cup.

Mens Doubles (Senior Championships).


Parekura Tureia Memorial Cup

Juniors Championships.


These two cups were presented by the Takitimu Association:

Morehu Turoa Cup

Morehu Turoa Cup

Morehu Turoa Cup

This cup was originally awarded for the NZMLTA men’s doubles champions in 1923. Later it was competed for by rohe which included Te Arawa, Mataatua, Rohepotae, Akarana,Tai Tokerau and Horouta.


Sir Apirana Turupa Ngata Memorial Trophy

At a Special Meeting of NZMLTA held 26 March 1951 in the Ohinemutu Hall, Rotorua, Mr Pei Jones put forward the proposal that the invaluable services rendered to Māori tennis by Sir Apirana Ngata, from the inception of the Association right up until his death, be marked in a tangible form by way of a suitable trophy to be contributed by districts throughout the land.

Mr Jones recalled that the constitution of the Association was drafted by Sir Apirana in1926, following on the first general meeting held for the purpose in Tamatekapua Meeting House. Associated with him were (now) Sir Peter Buck, R. Royal, M. R. Jones, Tukere Te Anga, Doc Tatere, Kere Kururangi, W. Emia, Paraire Tomoana, and P. H. Jones.

In view of his long association with sport generally and Māori tennis in particular, it would be most fitting that a suitable trophy for perpetual competition should be made available; and it gave him great pleasure and it was an honour to submit for the consideration of the meeting the following resolution:

That a suitable trophy be made available for perpetual competition at all Annual Championship Tournaments to be called “The Apirana Turupa Ngata Memorial Trophy”. This trophy is to be the principal points trophy of the NZMLTA, and is to be awarded to the sub-association and/or the district winning the highest aggregate points in all Championship Events.

A select committee was empowered to define sub-association and/or districts for the purpose of fixing an appropriate capitation levy that will achieve the sum of not less than £500 for the fund for the Apirana Turupa Memorial Trophy. Not dissimilar to many of our trophies, its whereabouts today, remain a mystery.


Ngāti Whātua Cup

Ngāti Whātua Cup


Lord & Lady Bledisloe Cup

Presented by J W Court 1958 for Junior Girls.


Carlo & Yvonne Roia Remembrance Trophy

At a committee meeting in July 1975, it was decided that a trophy in memory of Carlo and Yvonne Roia be introduced for the U/19 Junior Singles Competition. Carlo and Yvonne died as a result of a tragic car accident in June 1975.

Carlo and Yvonne Roia were fatally injured in June 1975 at Whakatane on their way to Auckland, to catch a flight to Fiji to play in the Fijian Tennis Open Tennis Championships.

Taonga and a Memorial Honours Board at the Tarewa Tennis Club (pictured) were donated in memory of Carlo & Yvonne.


Tiriwa Peni Memorial Trophy

Most Improved Junior Boy.


Tiriwa Peni Memorial Trophy

Most Improved Junior Girl.


Pai Whānau

Best Umpire’s Trophy.


Carcagreen International Challenge

Presented by Kelly Evernden.


Peter Kaua Memorial Trophy

Presented by Peggy Kaua 1991.


President’s Trophy

Presented by Frankie Dennis.


J Pere Hawaikirangi Memorial Tennis Shield

Presented by the Pere family in 1990 for outstanding contributions to tennis both on and/or off the court during the tournament.
Frankie Tiramate Dennis QSM Memorial Trophy for Tennis Excellence.


Kiingi Tuheitia

Open Mens singles


Te Arikinui Dame Te Atairangikaahu

Open Womens singles


Ruia Morrison MBE / Ann Tapsell (Malcolm)

Open Womens doubles


Sir Apirana Ngata / Pei Te Hurinui Jones

Open Mens doubles