Bud Collins US Open Media Center

Bud Collins has been recognized as one of the most knowledgeable tennis journalists and historians for more than 50 years. Now his contributions to the sport will forever be remembered as the USTA renames the press center at the 2015 US Open in his honour.

“On Sunday, Collins wore a blue blazer, a pink shirt, a red bow tie with black dots, and red pants with an intricate design that was said to be from the Maori people of New Zealand. When the world was Collins’s office, the pants were always a topic of interesting discussion in any language.”

                                                                              New York Times

The material for those pants were a gift from Desrae Garratt in 2005, following a request from Bud that he would like a Maori design for his pants to go with his collection of many designs from around the world.

Bud Collins 2  Bud Collins 1  Bud Collins 3

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